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Do you know something of your names in Chinese?

Personal names in Chinese culture follow a number of conventions different from those of personal names in Western cultures.

Nowadays, more and more people around the world are interested in the Chinese culture, they learn the Chinese character and history. And also want to know his English names in Chinese. We'd like to help people know their Chinese names. If you are interested, please be free to contact us.

A Chinese family name is one of the hundreds or thousands of family names that have been historically used by Han Chinese and Sinicized
Chinese ethnic groups in mainland China, Taiwan, and among overseas Chinese communities.

  Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is a2008 animated film about a bungling panda who aspires to be a kung fu warrior. Kung Fu Panda is directed by John Stevenson and Mark Osborne and produced by Melissa Cobb. Although the concept of a kung fu panda has been around since at least 1993, the idea for the film was conceived by Michael Lachance, a DreamWorks Animation executive. Work on the film did not begin until 2004 with the film premièring at the 61st Cannes Film Festival in May 2008 and seeing general distribution in summer. The film was produced by DreamWorks Animation's studio in Glendale, California, and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

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  Chinese Chops - China Chops

A sentence frequently heard in the everyday life of a Chinese is "Please sign your name and put your chop on it." You need your name chop to withdraw money from the bank, to pick up a registered letter from the post office, to legalize a contract, and to acknowledge receipt of official documents.

In China, from ancient times to the present, from official government business to private affairs, no matter how important or trivial, your chop affixes your credit and your promise. After signing your name, your chop is still required for a document to be legally binding. Name chops are also the constant companions of Chinese calligraphers and painters. Artists follow the custom of stamping their works with their name chops to "sign" them and as proof of authenticity. Despite its small size, the chop plays an extremely important role in the life of a Chinese.

Name chops are engraved by hand. Through the technique of carving, name chops combine the beauty of written Chinese characters and line drawing. A name chop produces virtually the same image of the same characters or figures no matter how many times it is used, and so can be considered a forerunner of one of the four great inventions of the Chinese--printing (the other three being the compass, gunpowder, and papermaking). Its importance cannot be underestimated.

  Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Kungfu (Shaolin Martial Art) is one of the most influential genres of Chinese martial arts, and it's named after where it originated -- the Shaolin Temple, founded in 495 AD on the Songshan Mountain in Dengfeng County, Henan Province in Central China. The monks in the Shaolin Temple began to study martial arts during the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-581) and this tradition prevailed during the Sui and Tang dynasties (581-907).

Shaolin Kungfu is famous both at home and abroad as a highly-effective method of self-defense and building health. It has quiet internal side and a mighty external side. Combining external and internal, "hard" and "soft" exercises, Shaolin Kungfu involves various methods of fighting techniques, consisting of barehanded boxing and weaponry combat.

  Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera is the quintessence of China. The largest Chinese opera form, it is extolled as 'Oriental Opera'. Having a history of 160 years, it has created many 'firsts' in Chinese dramas: the abundance of repertoires, the number of artists, opera troupes and spectators.

Beijing Opera is developed from absorbing many other dramatic forms, mostly from the local drama 'Huiban' which was popular in South China during the 18th century. It is a scenic art integrating music, performance, literature, aria, and face-painting. Certain rules are set up and regulations are standardized during many artists' long practice on stage. Different from regional plays, it is stricter on the variety of the workmanship. The combination of virtual and reality - a special technique of expression, keeps it largely free from the restriction of time and space on stage performance. Beijing Opera has had many interesting names since it came into being, such as Jinghuang, Daxi, Pingju, Jingxi.

  Rustic Leather Jewelry

leather bracelet

Rustic Leather Bracelets, this item was handmade in Tibet from leather and hemp rope. Size: Adjustable .

tibetan leather bracelet

Handmade Leather Bracelets. Completely handmade, perfect gift for your friends or families.

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tibetan bracelet
dragon bracelet

There are a variety of Tibetan jewelries, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, and the crafting techniques include enchasing, inlaying, and wire drawing. In a broader sense, Tibetan ornaments also include living and religious articles, such as snuff bottles, whose hollowed-out designs demonstrate the craftsmen's skills; prayer wheels, which can be found throughout Tibet; barrels to hold rice for offering before Buddha images; sea-snail-shaped ritual horns; and splendid-colored Thangka paintings. All these have become popular.

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A Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Gau Box (also spelled Ghau or Gao) is a Tibetan Buddhist amulet container or prayer box, usually made of metal and worn as jewelry. As a small container used to hold and carry powerful amuletic objects, the Gau is culturally equivalent to Latin American package amulets, African-American conjure bags or mojo hands, South American charm vials, and American wish boxes.

Because they are worn as jewelry, Gaus are made of metal and are often ornamented with semi-precious stones, but they vary enormously in style according to the taste of the designer. The one shown here is a contemporary clamshell-hinged Gau from Nepal, decorated with a double dorje design and a small piece of red coral. It is made with a ring at each end. One of the rings is the hinge, the other is the box's opening catch, so this Gau can be strung sideways or hung as a pendant on a cord, either alone or among other beads and charms.

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